Evaluating PRS licensing schemes workshop

As reliance on the private rented sector to house London’s communities increases, and given the well-known issues of condition and management in parts of the sector, it is unsurprising that a growing number of boroughs are looking to licensing schemes to address these challenges. Our workshop on 16th September invited boroughs to discuss PRS … [Read more...]

Vulnerable communities in the private rented sector

London’s population is growing at its fastest rate in Greater London’s history (i.e. since 1965). The first post in this Making Sense of London’s Private Rented Sector series showed that an increasing amount of this growing demand for housing is being met by the private rented sector, due to an insufficiency of social housing and unaffordability of … [Read more...]

Housing Zones: Tottenham

As part of our project looking at the progress of London's Housing Zones, we'll be posting profiles of some of the zones to show what's being done to speed up housing deliver in the Capital and showcase some of the diverse approaches being taken in different areas. The first, on Tottenham, is below. To find out more about this project or to get … [Read more...]

London’s PRS: The affordability issue

Not only is the cost of renting in London the highest in the country, it is also rising the most quickly. This puts all but the most affluent renters under a lot of pressure, and puts those in inner London and/or receiving benefits in an increasingly impossible situation. This is the third article in the series Making Sense of London’s Private … [Read more...]

Housing stock in London’s PRS

At least half of London’s population lives in flats, and the city also has a significant proportion of the country’s Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) than the rest of the country. Both are essential parts of London’s housing mix, but quality is not assured, and the age, high number of flats and prevalent conservation areas all hamper … [Read more...]

London’s PRS Growth

This is the first article in the series Making Sense of London’s Private Rented Sector, focusing on the significant growth that has occurred across London. Analysis of the figures at borough scale indicate that this growth is by no means occurring evenly across the Capital. For commentary on available data sources, see introduction. For … [Read more...]

The Role of Rent Stabilisation in Improving London’s PRS

With the General Election results likely to quell debate on national rent regulation for the time being, London’s attention shifts towards next year’s mayoral elections. A number of contenders have stated that helping London’s private renters would be part of their campaign, but it remains to be seen whether the final candidates – and eventually … [Read more...]

PRS Licensing in London – shifting sands

Snapshot of PRS licensing schemes in London, March 2015 Hot on the heels of legislation that may significantly affect PRS licensing in London, Future of London's new briefing,  is meant to help boroughs make sense of the shifting landscape of private-rented property licensing. The paper includes a summary of policy changes, as … [Read more...]

Seminar: Stabilising London’s Private Sector Rents

With the General Election fast approaching, Future of London takes a closer look at rent stabilisation in our upcoming seminar: Stabilising London’s Private Sector Rents: a viable option for tackling the affordability gap? This forms part of a three-year research programme on the private rented sector (PRS) funded by the Oak Foundation and Trust … [Read more...]

Engaging London’s private rented sector – research in 2015

Thanks to significant grant support from Oak Foundation and Trust for London, we’re getting underway with a major research programme on London’s private rented sector. Over the next three years, we’ll be investigating a number of approaches to addressing the sector’s complex challenges, in order to disseminate learning and best practice across … [Read more...]